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strange to see .. redcoats ..

Otto K.

wonderful set. love the expression on the kid.


wonderful and so proud


great series and photos Sidney. the 4th image is definitely a fave!


The two candid portraits at the bottom are amazing! I love how their expression contrast.


Entre ordre et désordre
Yeux qui interrogent
Visages qui se donnent à voir


I love the colors specially the bright colored outfits and interesting head gear. Wonderful as usual.:)


as always, wonderful pictures sidney. i find the people shots most interesting, though the pictures of the santos bring back childhood memories when we used to attend the la naval processions (mostly against our wishes) :D

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

Those men look so regal in their red uniform.

I feel sorry for that lady squatting. She looks as if she wasn't feeling well at that time.

luna miranda

wow, good-looking uniforms! is that little boy sulking or what?:D


You have some remarkable portraits here.


Nobody captures these kind of atmospheres better than you...


The boy looked really cute in the last photo. I loved how you successfully captured his 'cheeky' expression!

Ashish Sidapara

Love the series, the last 2 shots have nice contrasting scenes.


Very impressive and colourful uniforms! Great pictures.


Beautiful shots as usual! I wonder how much they spent for the costumes alone!


Love the guy in the first photo. And those soldiers look so clean, neat.


great serie with wonderful portraits!

Wim van der Meij

I gather that Filippine life goed from festivity to festivity, and you are always there to shoot your great photos!


wonderful series of the parade, lovely vibrant colors


Beautiful photos as always, Sidney! And very informative posts. :)


i didn't know that there's a parade like that in manila. i really learn a lot from your blog :)

Michael Rawluk

The expression in that top shot is perfect.


the boy sitting on the his back is the best one!


Looks like the parade didn't happen during a hot sunny day. Good. Otherwise, those guys in red will be feeling too uncomfortable in their thick uniform.

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